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December 21, 2017


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Lauree Feigenbaum

Minus some mild food poisoning, the trip sounds great so far. And nothing is being lost on Sennen. He seems to be taking it all in on a deeper level than is typical for a 4 year old. It's amazing how well behaved both Ailyn and Sennen are. I'm enjoying reading the blog and the photos are terrific. Love you guys. Mom

Susan Frydrych

I'm Soooo glad you decided to reinstate your blog. How wonderful to get to hear how the little travelers are doing and hear some of their thoughts. It's also very interesting to hear how different it is for both you and Emily to travel with the kids. Em, your photos are fabulous as always and bring the trip to life for us.
Stay safe and enjoy your wonderful experience.
Love, Susan(Mom)

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