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Yoga Highway

Hey Eric, you are correct, I loved your hippie dippie story. Growing up in the hippie era I could relate, the new hippie has a completely different flavor of expressions! As you know copying is the greatest compliment to flattery. It was unique times and definately more loving. The new hippie has way more ways to express themselves via all the liberations, high tech and just 'freedom of expression' is acceptable. Nothing shocks us anymore, we definately set the foundation(s). The new generations inforce them.

I love the dinning room set, wow, I would love that in my house, actually I am looking for a new one, I think Emily would love the one I have now. I am just O V E R I T! I love to change things up, you know, free of attachment. I am not attached to the way things are, I know they will change soon.

When are you coming back to the states, if indeed you are coming back?

As always, I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing with me Eric.

Namaste, Dolby

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