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hey eric,
read a few of your posts!!! You write beautifully!! will follow from now on.. ;-)
i like this post specially!!! and the title evn more!! ;-)
im so glad we met u guys, and got an opportunity to make friends from another country too (like u mentioned)...its a different experience and im happy to notice the similarities too!
and yeah...let me know when u have a party at home when you get back :-) ill be there for sure!
i couldnt stop smiling at my new name "popcorn" hahaha....
thanks for the wonderful evening!
will keep in touch!

Account Deleted

Eric- this is such a wonderfully written post and yes I love the title too!! You have caught Mohit n Shubhi's personality down to the T. She most certainly is the LIFE of every party and his HAIR is amazing. :-)

I loved to read this post which has such lovely sentiments expressed for two of my dearest friends.

Thanks to Shubhi, I got to read this - hope to follow your blog posts for more witty ones!



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