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January 02, 2009


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Lauree Feigenbaum

The news media has taught us to use terms that are not correct. You title a paragraph "Israeli Settlers" and then after the question "So where did it all begin?" again say "Jewish settlers and local Arabs". This is in reference to the West Bank which was Israeli land so the Israelis who went there and built homes, farms and businesses were Israeli citizens. They were residents of the West Bank, not "settlers". And why were the Arabs "local" but the Israelis not "local". "Settlers clearly implies that they were not local and that they were the ones who came there from elsewhere while the Arabs were "local. The other thing we have been taught by the news media is the word "cycle". Your paragraph that starts with "Now in Gaza...." says " a vicious cycle of pain". It isn't a cycle. A cycle is circular. If tomorrow the Arabs stopped fighting, tomorrow there would be peace. If tomorrow the Israelis stopped fighting, tomorrow Israel would be anniliated. Where's the cycle?
If you are open to it, I cannot urge you enough to go to www.honestreporting.com and sign up. It does for our brainwashing by the news media what spellcheck does for our typed words.


Thanks for posting. I appreciate the contribution!

The reason I used the term "Israeli Settlers"with regard to the West Bank is because until the 1967 War, the West Bank was Jordanian. There were no Israelis there. Originally, Israel intended to use the Golan, West Bank and Gaza as bargaining chips to trade for peace with its neighbors.

It wasn't until after Jordan made it clear it would not take back the West Bank that Israel allowed Israeli citizens into that area. So, at that point, they were new to the area - and thus, the term "Settlers".

On that one, I don't think the Media has it wrong. Israel's original borders - didn't include that area. And leaders at the time, didn't see it as a permanent acquisition.

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