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November 26, 2008


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Eric, I am about to fly and I cannot get on a plane in good conscience without telling you how much this annoyed me!!! :)

You know darn well, other countries have "universal practices that extend to their entire population" To wit, and as just one example among many, Japan has an entire calendar of them ("Thanksgivings") that are practiced by the population top to bottom, left to right.

And, regarding the glorious American achievment-- you state it but do not argue it-- so alas, I have no idea what aspect of American history or culture you are talking about!! Hey, I love Turkey as much as the next guy but....
(You know I'm just made because you didn't wish me a bon voyage and didn't check my latest post though...)

Will read Russia from LA-- and will see you there too.
Love, Peony

Eric Feigenbaum

I of course anticipated you're response. Please note the continuation of that sentence..."and which transcends so many classes, barriers, races, religions, and cultures." The part that America does so amazingly is blend peoples, and invite them in. Japan, of course, is homgeneous. Not that its practices of Thanksgivings aren't also cool. But a much easier task in a smaller, homogeneous country.

I hope you flew safely. Call me when you're in! I want to see you soon!


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